Boiling Frog

Jo Emery Productions

“Boiling Frog” is a play written as a series of interlocking monologues, filmed using iPhones and then made into a digital offering for streaming. A young girl, Bella, has suffered PTSD trauma after witnessing the horrific Australian Black Summer Bushfires of 2019/20 on her Gap Year. She returns home to the UK to a changed landscape, both for herself and her family. How will she deal with her acute eco anxiety? How can she heal her psychological wounds? Will her family be supportive – or not? And can she ever re-establish her difficult relationship with her father, now that her world has been turned upside down? For Bella, things will never be the same again. The play deals with themes of the climate crisis and related mental health issues, politics and the state of the nation/world, mental health issues and eco anxiety, the food industry, veganism versus meat and dairy eaters, and Extinction Rebellion/protest movements.

Available from 1 August to 28 August

Digital Event

Full: £5


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