History on the Road

Road Productions

A 60-minute performance of family, love, and female-solidarity, History on the Road is an exploration of black rights and culture in London. Mary Johnson, along with her two best friends Gloria and Susanna, fight for black women’s rights in London in 2019. The characters look back to significant events in black British history such as the Black People‚Äôs Day of Action in 1981 and how this has lasting impacts on people today. The Brixton hair salon is safe and intimate, and communities can come together for a hair cut and deep, meaningful conversation. With music bringing fun, joy, and energy, we watch as people come and go in the family-run salon, sharing their moments in history.

Road Productions want to focus on real stories, organic representations, and under-represented narratives. We bring humour, fun, and energy within our work, making plays that can be enjoyed by all, whilst giving our audiences something to think about.

Event Details

Genre: Theatre

The Cockpit

Mon 9th Aug - Tue 10th Aug 21:00

60 mins




9 August 9.00pm (60 mins)
The Cockpit

Full Price: £10

Conc: £7

10 August 9.00pm (60 mins)
The Cockpit

Full Price: £10

Conc: £7


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