Hot Mike

Mike Sheer

Hot comedy from okay-looking Canadian stand up Mike Sheer! Whether you’re “woke brigade” or “neo-nazi”, Mike’s comedy is suitable for ALL the both possible political views.

Mike’s mix of old man grumpiness, child-like curiosity, and filth, keeps audiences on their toes while laughing off their butts. Expect gag-heavy routines about gout, death, sex, desks, and a bunch of other stuff that could change last minute.

With a background in improv, sketch, acting and stand up, Mike knows the importance of trying to look hot instead of learning craft. Despite that, Mike has entertained at unflattering angles around the world, earning reviews like:

“Sparkling payoffs” ★★★★ Scotsgay
“Does not shy away from any topic…has the crowd in stitches” ★★★★ Adelaide Advertiser
“Engaging irreverence… interesting, often graphic, occasionally surreal” Time Out

Millenials will know him for blowing his head off after smoking weed in Harold & Kumar Get The Munchies.

6 August 6.30pm

Aces and Eights

Full: £5

7 August 6.30pm

Aces and Eights

Full: £5


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