Melting pot

Anoushka Rava

Good people do bad things and bad people do good things. Anoushka Rava sways brilliantly between both, offering a hilarious mix. French-Iranian, born in London, raised in Paris, this refreshing show tackles current societal matters with lightness and irony. Imagine what comes out of her Jewish, Muslim and Catholic heritage, coping with the most unapologetic family you can only fall in love with. From managing complex experiences at airports’ customs, to insane situations – while always sober, she’s the one-stop show who leaves us with a message of love and unity. Her outsider journey is one to be listened and enjoyed. Buckle up.

“Friendly & warm, with cutting remarks about any subject that annoys her” (A Rich Comic Life)
“Very talented, with funny intelligent comedy” (Paul Bathgate)

Event Details

Genre: Comedy

Canal Cafe Theatre

Thu 5th Aug 19:30

60 mins




5 August 7.30pm (60 mins)
Canal Cafe Theatre

Full Price: £5


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