Someone Else’s Shoes

Blue Ink Entertainment

A series of monologues commissioned and curated by Matt Hansen. Partly inspired by Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads and Mark Gatiss’ Queers, each piece is written with an underrepresented voice in mind, and focuses on true, personal stories. Ranging from heartfelt and dramatic to comedic, this collection of pieces covers socially-relevant topics including speech impediments, body image, sexual liberation and feminism, each in a unique style.

– You Say, written by Tolu Fagbayi & performed by Lilith Wake, is a spoken-word piece about being a young, determined woman in today’s society.

– Alter Call, by James Tibbles, examines the difficulties of growing up in the evangelical church as a closeted gay man.

– Lighter, by Eloise Whittaker, discusses body image and social media. Does Ruby want to conform to the idea of perfectionism in this society, or be who she wants to be freely?

– Better Off Not, by Ellie Birch, explores the anti slut-shaming and sexual liberation of women in the 21st century.

– I Have a Voice, by Matt Hansen, takes the audience into the mind of a young man with a stammer, and reveals the frustrations of struggling to speak through a humorous lens.

1 August 7.00pm


Full: £10

2 August 7.00pm


Full: £10


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