The Church Of The Fall

Stephen G. Titley in association with Prole Art Threat Productions

A musical AND a film about Queen and not one show about The Fall? That’s bobbins!

My show (nominated for Best Spoken Word and winner of Greater Manchester Spirit Of The Fringe, 2021) is one man’s attempt to celebrate the work of the late writer, musician and working-class genius, Salford’s Mark E. Smith and his group The Fall. A ridiculous ask, the equivalent of trying to do justice to Mozart. Mark E. Smith was comfortably larger than life, with bacchanalian tales to match but the art is always bigger than the artist and so, OK, he was maybe ‘no Mandela’ but could Mandela have ever given us a tune as banging as say, ‘Spoilt Victorian Child’?

Fall fandom has often been dismissed as the ‘cult of The Fall’ but this music is too divine to belong to a cult! The Fall should be a broad church! You don’t need to love The Fall to enjoy this show, you just need to love music! There will be love, music and laughter ‘COME ONE COME ALL, TO THE CHURCH OF THE FALL! (FREE PINT AND FREE ENTRY FOR EX-FALL MEMBERS).

Stephen G. Titley is a writer, standup, actor, singer and (dad) dancer – or @stevecomic @COTFShow or @ChurchOfTheFall on Twitter.

1 August 7.15pm

Camden People's Theatre

Full: £8

Conc: £5


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