Bird Mouth Collective

Bird Mouth Collective

Etcetera Theatre

Bird Mouth Collective mixes up an emotional and funny punch in their surreal, satirical and moving pieces, featuring a powerful double bill; Two short plays, The Apartments by Verity
Rowsell and At Least I Can Dance by Michelle Hanks, as well as a prologue poem Clowns, by
Andrew Neil Carpenter.

Bird Mouth Collective will delight in their hilarious, poignant shows about mental health,
relationship breakdowns, an application to La Sorbonne and a persistent glowing light in a handbag, a hat box, a rucksack and inside us all… with prolific performances from:
Alain English, Buddleia Maslen, Avi Mendelson, Sharon Trotter, Sasha Bond, Brandon Kai
Thorne, Laura Lamas, and Andrew Neil Carpenter!
Directed by Michelle Hanks.


27 August

60 mins

Etcetera Theatre


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