Joe Wright / WrightHere

Etcetera Theatre

In modern day Northern Ireland the troubles of Sectarianism have ended but one man with notions of his own believes the war still exists .
A mission for the Irish Cause is a foot and “Young Ger” has been tasked to collect some vital materials across the Irish Sea in Scotland .
A makeshift raft , some wishful thinking and a handful of multiple personalities set sail into the brisk Irish fog searching for a Liverpudlian on a mountain side but when the tides turn and the cross winds set in, Young Ger finds himself searching for much more.

This Farcical adventure brings us through the storm of the most unromantic love story ever told so have your armbands at the ready.


2 August

60 mins

Etcetera Theatre

Other Performances:

1 August 5.30pm

Etcetera Theatre

Full: £10


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