Frequency – OLD DO NOT BUILD

Brett Ashby

Exploring Flow Experiences. International Artist, Brett Ashby takes his audience inside Pentridge, Melbourne Australia’s former historic prison! Music and soundscapes performed by Felix Ezrael build geometry and become form on canvas. The art focuses on the exchange of energy, connection and synchronicity. Spirituality is a fundamental aspect to this performance, allowing for the artist to connect with the musician, space and place. The result is dependant on the exchange of energy provided from both artist, space and musician in this one of a kind experience.

The four canvas paintings and video artworks, are available for screening on demand across the Festival dates.

Sound musician using the hand drum, synthesiser, harmonic overtone singing will accompany Ashby in his performances. All this combined with the atmospherical sound of the paint brush will create a unique accumulation of art and sound. The interwoven resonate soundscapes, lighting effects, and on-screen visual displays generate a flow between body and soul.

Art by Brett Ashby soundscapes by Felix Ezrael.



Available from 2 August to 22 August 60 mins)
Camden Fringe Digital programme

Full Price: £7

Conc: £5


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