Jeu Jeu la Foille’s Testy Manifesto

Jeu Jeu la Foille

Hen & Chickens Theatre

Enchantress weaves words of inner resilience, recovery and revolution in a striking visual anthology. Strange, poetic and acerbically silly, Jeu Jeu la Foille’s Testy Manifesto combines linguistic acrobatics with evocative images, puppetry, and sensory experiences to delve deep into the mechanisms of intimate partner violence. This ‘difficult’ second album is the follow-up to ‘Jeu Jeu la Foille’s Frontal Lobotomy’, which dealt with experimental brain surgery while heavily under the influence of Tom Waits.


6 August

45 mins

Hen & Chickens Theatre

Other Performances:

7 August 6.00pm

Hen & Chickens Theatre

Full: £8.50

Conc: £5.50


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