Louis Horne: Secret Jazz Diaries

Soho Live Studios/ Louis Horne

The Water Rats

Secret Jazz Diaries is an award-winning comedy show hosted by fictional jazz trumpeter, Louis Horne, a former child prodigy whose early years were tainted by the lure of fame. Now as a washed-up and weighty 35-year-old, Louis inhabits Soho’s murky jazz underworld, a cut-throat community where bebop and brawling go hand-in-hand. He shares some of his stories from his misfortunate existence, and opens up about his traumatic past as a child-star.
Like many great artists, Louis also tackles the important social issues of our time. Subjects such as climate change, mental health stigmatism, addiction problems and sexual health dysfunctions in males… All issues that he has personally dealt with throughout his life.

With a combination of world-class live jazz and dark comedy, the show is receiving positive endorsements including from the likes of musical comedy legend, Bill Bailey who says: “The idea is very funny and a rich avenue of comedy is being mined. Louis is like Neo in a jazz matrix”.


21 August

60 mins

The Water Rats


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