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The multilingual show that sold out in Rome, Bristol and London is now back at Camden Fringe! Half play, half documentary, Mrs Green is a unique “funny and thought-provoking” multilingual journey into the political, economic, social and human implications of Brexit and Anglo-European relations. The show aims at exploring this crucial event in recent European history from as objective and neutral a perspective as humanly possible. In three languages intertwined (English, français, italiano) but you don’t need to know or speak all of them to follow the story and understand!

London. Mrs Green finds a suitcase in the flat she used to rent to Isabella, a young Italian actress in drama school. She gets in touch with her. But is the suitcase Isabella’s or Jacques’, the young French bank intern Isabella used to date?

Written by Francesco Baj
With Julia Messina (Isabella), Victor Ciri (Jacques), Dyanne White (Mrs Green)
Directed by Flavio Marigliani


25 August

60 mins

Etcetera Theatre

Other Performances:

24 August 5.30pm

Etcetera Theatre

Full: £13


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