¿Rob or Rose?

Henry Charnock

Lion & Unicorn Theatre

Like binge-watching a season of MTV’s Catfish on acid, Henry Charnock’s ambitious new comedic drama ¿Rob or Rose? leaves us with the question, “what if reality … just isn’t that sensitive?”

The play’s ouroboros-like, time-loop cycle of scenes sees its characters waiting to meet an online love for the first time. Every time they think they’ve reached the end though, like a snake eating its own tail, they find themselves back at the beginning again. What will have changed each time they have to start over? Will Rob still listen to Joe Rogan? Will Rose still secretly be into water sports? And will they both remember the words to one of the world’s whitest raps?

Content Warning: Contains adult themes, strong language, references to child abuse and scenes some may find upsetting including violence.


2 August

60 mins

Lion & Unicorn Theatre

Other Performances:

1 August 7.00pm

Lion & Unicorn Theatre

Full: £13

Conc: £11


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